Machine learning compression

Research group on the applications of machine learning to compression

by Marco Cagnazzo

Can I join the group?

If you wonder whether you can join our study group, the answer is yes!
You can start by subscribing the mailing list and coming to our periodical meetings, whose provisional schedule is in this post. The meetings are for the time being scheduled in Telecom-ParisTech.

Looking forward to see you!

by Marco Cagnazzo
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Group mailing list

A mailing list has been created in order to ease the communication among the group members and all people interested in ML for compression. You can subscribe here. Please note that the subscription is submitted to e-mail confirmation (on your … Continue reading

by Marco Cagnazzo
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Schedule of 2018 meetings

Next meetings:   Date Time Room Subject 08/03/18 14:30 B555 Seminar on ML+ compression; discussion; how to use the website 22/03/18 14:30 B555 Recurrent neural networks and Long-Short Term Memory units (Bogdan Cirstea) 05/04/18 10:00 B549 Loop filters and CABAC … Continue reading