Machine learning compression

Research group on the applications of machine learning to compression

Schedule of 2018 meetings

Next meetings:


Date Time Room Subject
08/03/18 14:30 B555 Seminar on ML+ compression; discussion; how to use the website
22/03/18 14:30 B555 Recurrent neural networks and Long-Short Term Memory units (Bogdan Cirstea)
05/04/18 10:00 B549 Loop filters and CABAC in HEVC (Pavel Nikitin)
12/04/18 10:30 B551  Deep learning regularization for non-local image denoising (Mario Gonzalez)
04/05/18 10:00 B543 View synthesis: DL vs geometry-based methods (C. Assediato, C. Scolavino)
24/05/18 14:30 B555 Variational autoencoders (A. Newson)
14/06/18 14:30 B555 GAN’s and one possible application for positive unlabeled learning (F. Chiaroni)
17/07/18 14:30 TDB Talks  by P. Plantanida (L2S) and Ismail Ben Ayed (ETS, Montreal).